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Design Competition 2011!



The United States is presently facing critical challenges in the fields of science and technology. Increased global competition aided by low offshore labor costs pose a severe threat to our national economy. Traditionally, the US has been considered a world leader in design innovation. Indeed, the country's economic success has been built on innovation and its ability to create fundamentally new products and processes. Likewise, its future success will likely depend on our ability to quickly adapt to technological changes, a process that is acceleration at an unprecedented pace. Educators of our next generation of technical leaders, particularly those at the pre-college level, are the critical links for meeting this challenge. By developing sound, scientific approaches for weaving design innovation into the fabric of secondary education, processes can be created for educating the next generation of innovators, who will generate new products, create employment opportunities, and strengthen the national economy.


To foster creativity and promote interest in science, technology,and math (STEM) subjects, particularly for under-represented pre-college students, by inviting teachers to experience some of the University of Pittsburgh's innovative design research activities. ,


To provide rewarding research experiences for high school teachers.

To implement innovative, design -based learning practices in high schools.

To apply science and math concepts in real world applications.

To ensure that students of all abilities have the oppurtunities to experience authentic engineering design.


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