Cognitive & Neural Foundations of Learning

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At LRDC, we have developed a strong research component in cognitive neuroscience in recognition of the importance of the neurosciences in the study of learning. From the cognitive and neural processes of learning and memory to changes in the brain as a consequence of learning, development, trauma or brain injury, we investigate the basic mechanisms and processes of human learning from multiple perspectives.

We use a range of analytic techniques and imaging methods (fMRI, ERP) to study brain systems relevant to learning. In foreign language learning, we examine how the brain responds to words in learning a second language. In studies of reading, we study the linguistic and conceptual influences on sentence comprehension and how individuals learn to control their eye movements during reading. In the realm of mathematics and science, our research focuses on understanding the development of higher-level reasoning processes, numerical literacy, and mathematical reasoning.

By virtue of our strong support for collaborative research, we are active in brain research institutes at Pitt and at CMU and have a history of brain studies that contribute to the advancement of education and training.

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