Lauren Resnick

Senior Scientist, Professor Emerita, Learning Research & Development Center

Education and Training

EdD Harvard University

Research Interests

  • Learning and development
  • Scientific understanding in children
  • Socially shared cognition

Recent Publications

Chen, G., Zhang, J., Chan, C.K., Michaels, S., Resnick, L.B., & Huang, X. (2020). The link between student-perceived teacher talk and student enjoyment, anxiety and discursive engagement in the classroom. British Educational Research Journal.

Clarke, S. N., Resnick, L. B., & Rosé, C. P. (2018). Discourse analytics for classroom learning. Learning Analytics in Education, 139-153.

Heyd-Metzuyanim, E., Smith, M., Bill, V., & Resnick, L. B. (2018). From ritual to explorative participation in discourse-rich instructional practices: A case study of teacher learning through professional development. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 99, 1-17.

Clarke, S. N., Howley, I., Resnick, L. B., & Rosé, C.P. (2016). Student agency to participate in dialogic science discussions. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction.

Clarke, S. N., Resnick, L.B., & Rosé, C.P. (2016). Dialogic instruction: A new frontier. In L. Corno and E. Anderman (Eds.), Third Handbook of Educational Psychology. New York, NY: Routledge.

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