Brian Galla

Associate Professor, Health and Human Development

Research Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center


Education and Training

PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

Research Interests

Dr. Galla's research examines how mindfulness shapes positive development from adolescence through early adulthood.

Education Reform Educational Achievement Improvement Science Interventions Motivation Research/Practice Partnerships Socio-cultural Factors

Related Research Areas

Improvement Research in Education Motivation & Engagement

Recent Publications

Roeser, R.W., Schussler, D., Baelen, R.N. & Galla, B.M. (2023). Mindfulness for students in pre-k to secondary school settings: current findings, future directions. Mindfulness.

Warren, M.T., Galla, B.M., Grund, A. (2022). Using whole trait theory to unite trait and state mindfulness. 

Tumminia, M.J., DeVlieger, S.E., Colvin, S., Akiva, T., & Galla, B.M. (2022). Adolescents’ experiences of distress and well-being during intensive mindfulness practice: A mixed-methods study. Mindfulness.

Roeser, R.W., Greenberg, M.T., Frazier, T., Galla, B.M., Semenov, A.D., & Warren, M.T. (2022). Beyond all splits: envisioning the next generation of science on mindfulness and compassion in schools for students.  Mindfulness.  

Lira, B., O’Brien, J.M., Peña, P.A., Galla, B.M., D'Mello, S., Yeager, D.S., Defnet, A., Kautz, T., Munkacsy, K., & Duckworth, A.L. (2022). Large studies reveal how reference bias limits policy applications of self-report measures.  Scientific Reports.   

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News and Awards

LRDC Research Scientist Brian Galla's recent study about high-stakes testing was featured in the December 18, 2022, Pittsburgh Parent.

January 9, 2023


Brian Galla, A Pitt associate professor of applied developmental psychology, shares his thoughts on how to help teenagers cut back their use of social media.

October 11, 2021


Brian Galla wants to help your teen kick their Instagram habit | Read about his recent research in October 7 Pittwire article.

October 11, 2021


Brian Galla was featured in Character Lab's "Tip of the Week" for "Values-Alignment Messaging Boosts Adolescents' Motivation to Control Social Media Use," giving advice to teens struggling with excessive social media use. Congrats Brian!

October 4, 2021


Brian Galla, Timothy Nokes-Malach, LRDC, and Melanie Good, Department of Physics and Astronomy, received an NSF grant for "Collaborative Research: Investigating the Impact of Mindfulness Training to Mitigate Psychological Threat and Enhance Engagement and Learning in Undergraduate Introductory Physics."

August 1, 2021

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