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Caitlin Rice

Graduate Student, Dr. Tokowicz

Department of Psychology

Cognitive Program

Faculty Advisor: Natasha Tokowicz

Rice, C.A. & Tokowicz, N. (2019). State of the scholarship: A review of laboratory studies of adult second language vocabulary training. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 1-32.

Rice, C. A., Tokowicz, N., Fraundorf, S. H., & Liburd, T. L. (2019). The complex interactions of context availability, polysemy, word frequency, and orthographic variables during lexical processing. Memory & Cognition, 1-17.

Rice, C., Beekhuizen, B., Dubrovsky, V., Stevenson, S., & Armstrong, B. C. (2018). A comparison of homonym meaning frequency estimates derived from movie and television subtitles, free association, and explicit ratings. Behavior Research Methods, 50, 1-27.

Natasha Tokowicz, Psychology and Linguistics, and graduate student Caitlin Rice won Best Poster Award at the 2017 Second Language Research Forum for "Teaching Translation-Ambiguous Words: Simultaneous or Consecutive Order of Presentation."

October 23, 2017

Caitlin Rice, a graduate student researcher in the PLUM Lab, received Honorable Mention for a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

April 6, 2015