Lindsay Page

Associate Professor, Psychology in Education, University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Research Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center

Research Interests

Lindsay's work focuses on quantitative methods and their application to questions regarding the effectiveness of educational policies and programs across the pre-school to postsecondary spectrum. Much of her recent work has focused on implementing large-scale randomized trials to investigate potential solutions to "summer melt," the phenomenon that college-intending students fail to transition successfully from high school to college. Lindsay has co-authored a book on summer melt to be published by the Harvard Education Press this coming fall. Lindsay earned an EdD in quantitative policy analysis in education as well as a master's degree in statistics and a master's degree in administration, planning, and social policy, all from Harvard. She holds a bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College.

Recent Publications

Keele, L., Lenard, M. & Page, L. (2021). Matching methods for clustered observational studies in education. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness.

Guzman-Alvarez, A. & Page, L.C. (2021). Disproportionate burden: Estimating the cost of PAFSA verification for public colleges and universities. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis.

Guzman-Alvarez, A. & Page, L.C.(2021). Disproportionate burden: Estimating the cost of FAFSA verification for public colleges and universities. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis.

Kramer II, D.A., Lamb, C.J., & Page, L.C. (2021). The effects of default choice on student loan borrowing: Experimental evidence from a public research university. (EdWorkingPaper: 21-382). Retrieved from Annenberg Institute at Brown University.

Anthony, A.M. & Page, L.C. (2021). How big is the ballpark? Assessing variation in grant aid awards within net calculator student profiles. Education Finance and Policy, 1-19.

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News and Awards

Alberto Guzman-Alvarez and Lindsay Page were featured in the blog post, "FAFSA Verification: An Undue Burden for Students and Public Colleges," a blog post of the Brookings Institute.

June 7, 2021


Lindsay Page was mentioned in an LA Times article, Artificial Intelligence Meets Real Friendship: College Students are Bonding with Robots, for her research on chatbots.

March 9, 2021


Lindsay Page was named in Pittwire accolade as a national scholar of influence, her ranking was announced in the 11th annual 2021 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings.

February 2, 2021


Jennifer Iriti, Lindsay Page, and Danielle Lowry were featured in a Pittwire accolade for their Pittsburgh Promise grant to conduct an evaluation of the Promise Coaching Initiative.

January 29, 2021


Kudos to Lindsay Page for being ranked 168 out of 200 scholars for shaping educational practice and policy in the 2021 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings put out by Ed Week.

January 6, 2021


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