Benjamin Rottman

Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh Department of Psychology

Research Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center


Education and Training

PhD, Yale University

Research Interests

  • Causal learning, reasoning, and judgment
  • Medical diagnosis and decision-making

Causal Reasoning Learning & Memory Memory

Related Research Areas

Cognitive & Neural Foundations of Learning Informal & Life-long Learning Reasoning, Decision Making, & Argumentation

Recent Publications

Jaramillo, S., Kuo, E., Rottman, B. M., & Nokes-Malach, T. J. (2021). Investigating causal inference difficulties with a simple, qualitative force-and-motion problem. In M. B. Bennett, B. W. Frank, & R. E. Vieyra (Eds.) Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings (pp. 197-202). American Association of Physics Teachers.

Jaramillo, S., Kuo, E., Nokes-Malach, T., & Rottman, B. (2021). Using Causality to Map Difficulties in a Qualitative Physics Problem. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, 43.

Barnes, K., Rottman, B. M., & Colagiuri. (2021). The placebo effect: To explore or to exploit. Cognition.

Caddick, Z.A. & Rottman, B.M. (2021). Motivated reasoning in an explore-exploit task. Cognitive Science.

Blatt, L., Schunn, C. D., Votruba-Drzal, E., & Rottman, B. M.(2020). Variation in which key motivational and academic resources relate to academic performance disparities across introductory college courses. International Journal of STEM Education, 7(1), 1-25.

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News and Awards

Principal Investigator Benjamin Rottman, Associate Professor, Psychology, and LRDC Research Scientist received a National Science Foundation grant for “CAREER: Causal Reasoning in Daily Life and its Role in Science Literacy” on July 1, 2017.

July 2017

LRDC Research Scientist, Benjamin Rottman, Psychology, has been named a 2016 APS Rising Star. The APS Rising Star designation is presented to outstanding psychological scientists in the earliest stages of their research careers post-PhD.

February 15, 2017


LRDC Research Scientist Benjamin Rottman's research article in clinical diagnosis is mentioned in the Psychonomic Society blog post "#goCRPI: Bayes battling baserate neglect in medical diagnosis."

October 6, 2016

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