[Person photo]

Allison Liu

Graduate Student, Dr. Schunn

Department of Psychology

Cognitive Program

Faculty Advisor: Christian Schunn

Liu, A. S., & Schunn, C. D. (2018). The effects of school-related and home-related optional science experiences on science attitudes and knowledge. Journal of Educational Psychology, 110(6), 798-810.

Libertus, M., E., Liu, A., Pikul, O., Jacques, T., Cardoso-Leite, P., Halberda, J., & Bavelier, D. (2017). The impact of action video game training on mathematical abilities in adults. AERA Open.

Liu, A. S. & Schunn, C. D. (2017). Applying math onto mechanisms: mechanistic knowledge is associated with the use of formal mathematical strategies. Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications, 2(6).

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Liu, A. S., & Schunn, C. D. (2014). Applying math onto mechanism: Investigating the relationship between mechanistic and mathematical understanding. COGSCI 2014: The Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.

Liu, A., Newsome, J., Schunn, C. D., & Shoop, R. (2013). Kids learning to program in about half the time. Tech Directions, March, 16-19.

Liu, A., Schunn, C., Flot, J. & Shoop, R. (2013). The role of physicality in rich programming environments. Computer Science Education, 23(4), 315-331.

Pittwire featured an accolade that highlights Jamie Amemiya, Allison Liu, and Emily Braham entitled "3 Learning Research and Development Center Grad Students Awarded University Research Grants."

October 31, 2017


LRDC graduate student Allison Liu has been awarded $5,000 by the University of Pittsburgh Research Council for her small grants proposal.

June 19, 2017