Christina Scanlon

Post-Doc, Dr. Wang

Recent Publications

Wang, M.T., Henry, D.A., Scanlon, C.L. Del Toro, J., & Voltin, S.E. (2022). Adolescent psychosocial adjustment during COVID-19: an intensive longitudinal study. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology.

Wang, M.T.,  Scanlon, C.L., Del Toro, J., & McKellar, S.E. (2022). Reducing suspension for minor infraction and improving school climate perceptions among black adolescents via cultural socialization: A multi-informant longitudinal study. Learning and Instruction, Volume 80. 

Wang, M., Del Toro, J., Henry, D., Scanlon, C., & Schall, J. (2022). Family resilience during the COVID-19 onset: A daily-diary inquiry into parental employment status, parent–adolescent relationships, and well-being. Development and Psychopathology, 1-13. 

Wang, M.-T., Scanlon, C. L., Hua, Meng., Zhang, A., Belmont, A., & Del Toro, J. (2022).Social distancing and adolescent affect: The protective role of practical knowledge and exercise. Academic Pediatrics, 22, 401-412.

Wang, M.-T., Scanlon, C. L., & Del Toro, J. (2022). Does anyone benefit from exclusionary discipline? An exploration on the direct and vicarious links between suspensions for minor infraction and adolescents’ academic achievement. American Psychologist. Advance online publication.

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