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Josefina Bañales

Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh Department of Psychology

Research Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center

Bañales, J., Mathews, C. J., Hayat, N., Anyiwo, N., & Diemer, M. A. (2019). Latinx and Black American young adults’ civic/political action pathways. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 26, 176-188.

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Kudos to Josefina Bañales, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Ming-Te Wang, Associate Professor, Education and Psychology, and James Huguley, Interim Director, Center on Race and Social Problems and Assistant Professor, School of Social Work for receiving an LRDC internal grant for their work: “Can We Talk About Race? Racial Socialization in Homes and Schools, Youth’s Critical Consciousness, and Academic Achievement.”

May 15, 2020