Erin Gatz

Graduate Student, Learning Sciences and Policy Program

School of Education

Learning Sciences and Policy

Research Interests

Erin Gatz is a Graduate Student Researcher with the Remake Learning network where she studies the impact of network engagement on the professional identity of educators. Erin is also a Visiting Researcher at the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University where she studies the motivations and ideals of educators who participate in makerspaces and hackerspaces. Erin is Founder of Prototype PGH, a local makerspace dedicated to building gender and racial equity in entrepreneurship and technology.

News and Awards

Pitt Magazine recently featured the demolition of the former LRDC building in their article “Goodbye to an Old Favorite” and featured input from PhD student Erin Gatz and Director of Communications Liz Rangel.

February 14, 2022


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