Andrew Ribner

Post-Doc, Dr. Libertus


Research Interests

Numerical Cognition, math achievement, self-regulation, executive function, media use

Numerical Cognition

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Recent Publications

Ribner, A., Devine, R. T., Blair, C., & Hughes, C. (2022). Mothers’ and fathers’ executive function both predict emergent executive function in toddlerhood.  Developmental Science, 00, e13263. 

Möhring, W., Ribner, A.D., Segerer, R., Libertus, M., Kahl, T., Troesch, L.M., & Grob, A. (2021). Developmental trajectories of children's spatial skills: Influencing variables and associations with later mathematical thinking. Learning and Instruction, 75.

McHarg, G., Ribner, A., Devine, R., Hughes, C. & the New Fathers and Mothers Study Team. (2020). Exposure to screen-based media in infancy negatively affects executive functioning in toddlerhood: A propensity score study. Infancy.

Ribner, A. (2020). Executive function facilitates learning from math instruction in kindergarten: Evidence from the ECLS-K. Learning and Instruction, 65.

Ribner, A.D., Barr, R.F., & Nichools, D.L. (2020). Background media use is negatively related to language and literacy skills: indirect effects of self-regulation. Pediatric Research.

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