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Haoran (Colin) Zhang

Graduate Student, Dr. Litman

School of Arts and Sciences

Computer Science

Faculty Advisor: Diane Litman

Wang, E.L., Matsumura, L.C., Correnti, R., Litman, D., Zhang, H., Howe, E., Magooda, A., & Quintana, R. (2020). eRevis(ing): Students’ revision of text evidence use in an automated writing evaluation system. Assessing Writing.

Zhang, H., & Litman, D. (2018). Co-attention based neural network for source-dependent essay scoring. Association for Computational Linguistics, 399-409.

Zhang, H., & Litman, D. (2017). Word embedding for response-to-text assessment of evidence. Proceedings of the 55th Annual Association for Computational Linguistics (Student Research Workshop), pp. 75-81.

Chang, S. K., Guo, W., Yung, D., Zhang, Z., Zhang, H., & You, W. (2017). A mobile TDR system for smart phones. 23rd International DMS Conference on Visual Languages and Sentient Systems (DMSVLSS'17), pp. 75-85.

Tang, Y., Zhang, H., Liang, Z., & Chang, S. K. (2016). Social network models for the TDR system. Proceedings of The 22nd International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems (DMS2016), pp. 119-128.