Zachary Caddick

Graduate Student, Dr. Rottman

Department of Psychology

Cognitive Program

Faculty Advisor: Ben Rottman

Research Interests

My primary research interests center around reasoning/decision-making. More specifically, I am interested in how prior beliefs and biases influence reasoning and decision-making. I also have secondary research interests in sleep/circadian rhythm, human factors, meta-sciences, and politics.

Recent Publications

Caddick, Z. A., Gregory, K., & Flynn-Evans, E. E. (2016). Sleep environment recommendations for future spaceflight vehicles. Advances in Human Aspects of Transportation, 484, 923- 933.

Caddick, Z. A. (2016). Evaluating contradicting and confirming evidence: A study on beliefs and motivated reasoning. Master's Theses, 4748.

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(412) 624-7467