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Julie Fiez

Professor, University of Pittsburgh Department of Psychology

Professor, University of Pittsburgh Department of Neuroscience

Professor, University of Pittsburgh Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders

Senior Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center

Research Interests

My lab relies upon a broad-based and interdisciplinary cognitive neuroscience approach to address questions that fall within two predominant strands of research. One strand is focused on the neural basis of language processing. Topics of interest include the articulatory and phonological codes involved in verbal working memory, and the ways in which different writing systems influence the representation and processing of orthographic information. A second strand is focused on basic learning systems in the human brain. We are especially interested in how cognition may be optimized by reinforcement learning signals mediated by the basal ganglia and error-correction signals mediated by the cerebellum.

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Julie Fiez, Marc Coutanche, and Corrine Durisko's study published in the Journal of the Society of Neuroscience has been featured in the May 17 PittWire article "Researchers Teach Adults to Read Using Pictures of Houses."

May 17, 2019


Julie Fiez is quoted in the January 18 Scientific American article, "The Cerebellum Is Your 'Little Brain'—and It Does Some Pretty Big Things."

January 18, 2019


The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded one of only 19 grants given to cross-disciplinary teams across the United States to Melissa Libertus (P.I.), Associate Professor, Psychology, Marc Coutanche, Assistant Professor, Psychology, and Julie Fiez, Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience, CNBC and Communication Sciences and Disorders, to conduct innovative research on neural and cognitive systems.

August 8, 2017


Julie Fiez is a Co-Director of the Behavioral Brain (B2) Research Training Program along with Lori Holt of Carnegie Mellon University. B2 has been renewed for five more years of funding by the National Institutes of Health. This program aims to train the next generation of behavioral science researchers who can skillfully incorporate neuroscience perspectives and methods into their programs of research, based on an understanding of brain structure and function that bridges traditional areas of behavioral research.

June 5, 2017


Principal Investigator Jana Iverson and co-PIs Julie Fiez, Adjunct Faculty, University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, and LRDC Senior Scientist, Melissa Libertus, Associate Professor, Psychology, and LRDC Research Scientist, and Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal, Assistant Professor, Psychology, and LRDC Center Associate were awarded an APA grant for Summer Undergraduate Psychology Research Experience (SUPRE) in May 2017.

May 2017

Tune into WESA Radio, Pittsburgh’s NPR affiliate (90.5 fm), on Tuesday, August 16, between 4-5 pm to hear Liz Hirshorn, Julie Fiez, and co-authors Yuanning Li, R. Mark Richardson, and Avniel Singh Ghuman, discuss their study of “Decoding and Disrupting Left Midfusiform Gyrus Activity During Word Reading,” with award-winning journalist Melinda Roeder. Research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

August 16, 2016