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Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Nokes-Malach anticipates admitting a student to begin in Fall 2020.

We are glad you are interested in our work. We are looking for students who have strong overlapping interests in our core areas of research (see our "Research" page for more information about specific projects). Prospective students often ask about what types of prior experiences and training will help best prepare them for graduate school and to excel in our training program and laboratory. Prior experience with research is required. Having had experience conducting research in a psychology, cognitive, education, or learning science laboratory will be particularly beneficial. Similarly, having taken courses in psychology, learning, cognitive, or educational sciences is valued as providing a foundation of disciplinary knowledge to build upon. We strongly encourage taking basic and advanced mathematics or statistics courses, as our core methods and approaches build on quantitative sense-making skills. In your application it is critical that you describe your experiences using mathematics and statistics in your research and course work. Similarly, make sure to describe and demonstrate your writing skills in your application. Strong writing skills are critical to science. Prior experiences and training in computer programming are a plus, but are not required before graduate school. We are looking for creative, hard-working individuals who work well with a diverse team of scientists and scholars to help us address difficult interdisciplinary research problems around human learning, motivation, and knowledge transfer.

To find out more about the Cognitive Psychology PhD program at the University of Pittsburgh click here and to apply click here.

University of Pittsburgh Undergraduates

University of Pittsburgh students interested in joining the lab should consider taking Directed Research (PSY 1903). Directed Research is an opportunity for students to get involved with research under the supervision of a faculty member of the psychology department. This experience is particularly valuable for students interested in pursuing honors in psychology and/or graduate study in psychology. More information about Directed Research can be found on the Psychology Department's website.

Dr. Nokes-Malach will not be taking on new research assistants for the Spring 2020 semester. Those interested in pursuing Directed Research for the Fall 2020 semester should contact Dr. Nokes-Malach's lab manager.