Editor's Pick

The experience of reviewing many stimulating and useful books and articles in this field has led us to continue to post an "editor's pick" as suggested reading. We will continue to change our editor's pick quarterly.

The editor's pick for the first quarter of 2000 is:

The editor's pick for the first quarter of 2000 is a special issue of Daedalus on "America's Museums." This issue provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the state of museums, with wide-ranging essays about the history of American museums as well as social and economic changes currently affecting museums. Many of the articles include examples and case studies of controversial issues, and emerging theoretical directions for museum practice, providing a useful and highly readable primer of issues affecting the museum field. Representing a diverse sample of the museum field, contributors include, Stephen Weil, Elaine Heumann Gurian, John Falk, Neil Harris, Susanna Sirefman, Victoria Newhouse, Bonnie Pitman, Charles Correa, and Chon A. Noriega.

The editor's pick for the fourth quarter of 1999 is:

The authors describe methods for analyzing parent-child explanations in the context of everyday conversation. The research, which was conducted in the homes of the participants, contributes to the literature on learning in informal environments, and connects to the MLC theme of explanatory engagement.

The editor's picks for the third quarter of 1999 are:

For the third quarter of 1999 we have chosen a set of articles that connect to the MLC theme of learning environments. An integral feature of the museum as a learning environment is its exhibits. The articles by Minda Borun and her colleagues describe the Philadelphia-Camden Informal Science Education Collaborative (PISEC)'s Family Learning Project, a three-phase endeavor which tackled the question of behavioral indicators for family learning, then built on this research to enhance exhibits, and finally, investigated the relationship between enhanced exhibits and performance indicators for learning.

Previous editor's picks:

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