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Proposal & Grant Support

While each grant submission is different, below are general guidelines used for commonly requested actions that span all agencies. Please contact Lynne Welshons in Fiscal Services regarding all submissions.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

All faculty and researchers must complete a conflict of interest disclosure prior to being able to submit grant proposals. The Conflict of Interest Superform must be filed online, annually, before April 15th.

Please go to to complete the Conflict of Interest Superform online.

If you have disclosed a conflict on the Superform, you must also complete the Conflict of Interest Module (formerly Module 4) found in the Internet-Based Studies in Education and Research found at

Other applicable modules must be completed if your project includes animals, humans, patient records, etc. These modules can also be found at and are listed in alphabetical order.

Agency Registration/Affiliation

In order to submit (or to set up electronically) a grant you typically must register with the agency and affiliate yourself with the University. While not all agencies have this requirement, below are links to the University's registration sites for the most commonly submitted-to agencies that do have this requirement:

NSF: (For NSF Fastlane registration)
NIH: (For NIH eRA Commons registration)


ALL Proposals, whether electronic or paper submissions, must be submitted to the Office of Research for review, 5 business days prior to the agency deadline. Please note that late proposals will not receive adequate review by the Office of Research that could lead to errors with electronic submissions. If we do not have sufficient time to correct the errors, the proposal may not reach the agency by the deadline.

NIH Deadlines:
NSF Deadlines: (varies per program)

Please work with Lynne Welshons in Fiscal Services for all grants and contract submissions and inform her as early as possible regarding new submissions. She will coordinate the final submission through the Office of Research.

Submission of Subcontracts (External Institutions)

Should you wish to include a subcontract on your grant submission, the following documentation must be received from the subawardee institution prior to the submission being sent through our Office of Research:

  1. A detailed budget outlining their costs
  2. A budget justification
  3. A statement of work
  4. A commitment letter (Letter of Intent) outlining the fact that their institution agrees to enter into the subcontract on your grant, should it be awarded, at the budget that is outlined. This should be signed by their institutional authorized representative with the authority to sign contracts and agreements (here, it is the Director of our Office of Research).

Submission of Subawards (Internal Departments within Pitt/UMPC)

Should you wish to include an internal subaward for collaborators within Pitt and/or UPMC, the following documentation is required from the non-LRDC department:

  • A detailed budget outlining their costs
  • A budget justification
  • Abstract

Consultants (Pre-award)

Should you wish to include a specific consultant on the grant submission, the following documentation must be received from the consultant prior to the submission being sent through the Office of Research:

  • A detailed budget outlining their costs (rate of pay)
  • A statement of work
  • A letter outlining the fact that they agree to work on your grant, should it be awarded, at the budget that is outlined. This should be signed only by them. We are essentially contracting them to perform a specialized job and will eventually cut them a check for services rendered. There are no taxes taken from the check and they will receive an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the year in order for them to include this income on their taxes.

* If you are requesting a consultant, but do not know who it will be, the consultant may be listed on the budget as TBD and the above does not apply.

Consultants (Post-award)

* If a proposal is currently funded, a contracted services agreement will need to be established in order for the consultant to receive payment. Please complete the Consultant Request Form in its entirety and send it to Lynne Welshons by email. She will coordinate the contract with the appropriate personnel within the University.

* Please note that if you wish to use a previous Pitt employee as a consultant, they must be a non-Pitt employee for at least one year before they are eligible to be paid. If they have not been a non-Pitt employee for one year, they must be hired through the AllTemps agency within Pitt. If hiring through AllTemps, you will be responsible for paying an additional 19.6% of their salary for service fees and fringe benefit charges, which will cover liability insurance, workers’ compensation and employer contribution to Social Security.

No-Cost Extensions

In order to request a no-cost extension of a current project, please provide the following documentation and send to Lynne Welshons in Fiscal Services.

  • Length of the extension
  • Detailed reason for the extension (explain why work was not completed)
  • What work will be done during the extension
  • How remaining funds (if any) will be expended
  • No-Cost Extension form (.doc)

Participant Payments

All study participant payments $10 and above will be issued through the WePay system. Participants will receive a plastic debit card that is loaded with the amount of money received for payment as a study participant. The card is issued with a PIN that is required in order to use the card.

In order to compensate subjects, a designee must have taken the WePay training course. Please email Lynne Welshons for the appropriate WePay registration forms and she will coordinate the registration process for you. In order to set up or modify a project and/or study, please complete the WePay Project Study Request Form and submit it to Lynne Welshons in Fiscal Services.

Proposal Preparation and Maintenance

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