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Volume 12, Issue 1 Student Belonging Exercise Erases Achievement Gaps
Month Newsletter Preview
Volume 11, Issue 4 Babies’ Random Choices Become Their Preferences
Volume 11, Issue 3 A Facebook Post Sparks Anti-racist Book Drive
Volume 11, Issue 2 Classroom Intervention Fosters Belonging
Volume 11, Issue 1 Research Team Sparks Community Conversations About Climate Change
Month Newsletter Preview
Volume 10, Issue 4 BE STEM Center to Boost Diversity in STEM Higher Education
Volume 11, Issue 3 Self-Affirmation Scholars Meet at LRDC
Volume 10, Issue 2 New BRIDGE Center Established
Volume 10, Issue 1 Female students with A's have similar physics self-efficacy as male students with C's in introductory courses: A cause for alarm?
Month Newsletter Preview
Volume 9, Issue 4 Envisioning the Future at Pitt Without an LRDC Building
Volume 9, Issue 3 A New Look at Early Math Ability
Volume 9, Issue 2 2018 Hosts Second Successful Undergraduate Research Internship
Volume 9, Issue 1 The Experiences of Female Students in an Introductory Physics Course
Month Newsletter Preview
October-November LRDC to Host IWALS2018
August-September Center Initiates Summer Research Internship Program
May-June Study Finds New Link Between Childhood Abuse and Adolescent Misbehavior
March-April Mauricio Delgado Named 2017 LRDC Distinguished Alumnus
January-February Harsh Parenting Predicts Low Educational Attainment
Month Newsletter Preview
October-November Parents’ Math Skills “Rub Off” on Their Children
August-September Pitt Neuroscientists’ Study Sheds Light on How Words Are Represented in the Brain
June-July LRDC to Partner with Central China Normal University
April-May Institute for Learning to Hold National Conference in Pittsburgh
January-March LRDC and the Plan for Pitt