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Volume 12, Issue 1 Student Belonging Exercise Erases Achievement Gaps
Month Newsletter Preview
Volume 11, Issue 4 Babies’ Random Choices Become Their Preferences
Volume 11, Issue 3 A Facebook Post Sparks Anti-racist Book Drive
Volume 11, Issue 2 Classroom Intervention Fosters Belonging
Volume 11, Issue 1 Research Team Sparks Community Conversations About Climate Change
Month Newsletter Preview
Volume 10, Issue 4 BE STEM Center to Boost Diversity in STEM Higher Education
Volume 11, Issue 3 Self-Affirmation Scholars Meet at LRDC
Volume 10, Issue 2 New BRIDGE Center Established
Volume 10, Issue 1 Female students with A's have similar physics self-efficacy as male students with C's in introductory courses: A cause for alarm?
Month Newsletter Preview
Volume 9, Issue 4 Envisioning the Future at Pitt Without an LRDC Building
Volume 9, Issue 3 A New Look at Early Math Ability
Volume 9, Issue 2 2018 Hosts Second Successful Undergraduate Research Internship
Volume 9, Issue 1 The Experiences of Female Students in an Introductory Physics Course
Month Newsletter Preview
October-November LRDC to Host IWALS2018
August-September Center Initiates Summer Research Internship Program
May-June Study Finds New Link Between Childhood Abuse and Adolescent Misbehavior
March-April Mauricio Delgado Named 2017 LRDC Distinguished Alumnus
January-February Harsh Parenting Predicts Low Educational Attainment
Month Newsletter Preview
October-November Parents’ Math Skills “Rub Off” on Their Children
August-September Pitt Neuroscientists’ Study Sheds Light on How Words Are Represented in the Brain
June-July LRDC to Partner with Central China Normal University
April-May Institute for Learning to Hold National Conference in Pittsburgh
January-March LRDC and the Plan for Pitt
Month Newsletter Preview
September/October LRDC and the University of Pittsburgh Brain Institute
July/August Engagement and Motivation to Learn
May/June How Higher Ed Can Help Students Matriculate
March/April LRDC Distinguished Alumni Award: Jeff Bisanz
January/February The Pitt Kids' Thinking Lab
Month Newsletter Preview
September/October Transforming Learning Through Intelligent Peer Review
July/August 24th Annual Tim Post Award
May/June LRDC Board of Visitors Report
March/April LRDC Internal Grants Program
January/February In-Situ Mobile Experimentation
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September/October The History of LRDC: Part IV
June/July The History of LRDC: Part III
March/April The History of LRDC: Part II
January/February The History of LRDC: Part I
Month (pdf) Newsletter Preview
November/December 50th Celebration Planned
October LRDC Learning Sciences and Policy Faculty Making the News
September LRDC 50th Anniversary Events Are Scheduled
June/July LRDC to Celebrate 50th Anniversary in 2013
May Two Conferences at Pitt: ISPTS, Int'l Workshop on Statistical Analysis of Neuronal Data
April LRDC Board of Visitors Celebrates 49th Year
February Tributes to Robert Glaser
January LRDC Alumni Write Back
Month (pdf) Newsletter Preview
November/December LRDC: The Year in Review
October Walter Schneider on 60 Minutes
September Lauren Resnick hosts conference: "Socializing Intelligence Through Academic Talk and Dialogue"
August Drew Gitomer is Named Pitt Legacy Laureate
June/July 24th Tim Post Award Announced | Chris Schunn Co-Chairs 2011 ISDDE
May Pitt Law School Hosting ICAIL 2011
April Susan Goldman Presents Inaugural LRDC Distinguished Alumni Talk
March School of Ed Offering Array of Events
February LRDC Joint Appointments Spreading Across the University
January Chancellor Honors Two LRDC Staffers
Month (pdf) Newsletter Preview
November/December Kevin Crowley Involved in CMNH
October Pitt in the News: Ranked 8th in federally financed R&D expenditures
September The Intelligent Systems Program (ISP)
July/August Board of Visitors Report
June ChemCollective Garners Big Prize
May Shari Kubitz Keeps On Rolling: MS Walk team ranks in top 10 fundraisers in Allegheny County
April Focus on Research: LRDC Design Work in the News