LRDC Communications Department

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

LRDC events calendar on LRDC's website

How to add an event to the calendar ›

  • Complete the form for Reserving a Conference Room. Next to the question "Do you want this to be added to the LRDC Events calendar", select YES to include the event and NO to exclude the event.
  • Contact Elizabeth Rangel about external events, such as the talks at the Center on Race and Relations or a student's dissertation defense at Sennott Square, and she will add it to both the calendar and the announcements.
  • Contact Shari Kubitz about obtaining an access code to allow yourself or a designated staff person to add events directly.

What events are appropriate to add ›

  1. Faculty and Executive Committee meetings
  2. Other projects with strong faculty associations (IFL, LPC, PSLC)
  3. Brown Bag
    1. Cognitive
    2. Applied Dev Psych
  4. Dissertation Defenses and Post-Doc Job Talks
  5. Local general public talks
  6. Internal LRDC meetings
  7. Meeting that are open to the public
  8. Seminars
  9. Colloquia
  10. Classes

What events might not belong on the LRDC Events Calendar ›

Meetings that are not open to the public.

How to format the events ›

  1. In the "text for a new event," title of the event is all that is necessary. Try to keep titles of events within 1-2 lines on the calendar display. Sample displays of an event:

    12:00-1:00 pm
    App Dev Psych Brown Bag

    2:00-3:00 pm
    LSAP Seminar

  2. In the pop up, you should include the location of the event followed by a brief yet informative description of the speaker and/or event. Pop-Up text template:
    Room# Building- Speaker (if available)
    (Description and other relevant information concerning the event)

    Sample texts for an event:
    - 9th Floor LRDC

    - 5604 WWPH- Jane Hannaway, Director of the Education Policy Center at the Urban Institute

    - For more information about the Colloquium Series, see:

    - 3305 Newell-Simon Hall, CMU- Richard Cox, Department of Informatics, University of Sussex

    - Dr. Cox presents, "Lost in Translation: Errors in Translating Natural Language into Logic."
    • Acronyms and abbreviations are preferable to help with clarity and conciseness. Common acronyms and abbreviations include:
      App Dev (Applied Development)
      Cog (Cognitive)
      Exec Com (Executive Committee)
      IFL (Institute for Learning)
      Lang (Language)
      LPC (Language Policy Center)
      LSAP (Learning Sciences and Policy)
      Mtg (meeting)
      Post Doc (Post Doctoral)
      PSLC (Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center)
      Psych (Psychology)
      SenSq (Sennott Square)
      WWPH (Posvar Hall)

Adding and modifying personal websites

What if my name is not included on the LRDC People page or the information is incorrect or incomplete? ›

Please use the Researcher Update Form or submit a help ticket.

Can a personal website be included on the LRDC web server? ›

The LRDC web server is not designed for personal web sites beyond the scope of the information included in the People page template. You may set up a personal web site on the University's server (see below "How do I create a personal university webpage?").

How to create a personal university web page ›

Personal web sites can be created by any member of the University community. These sites will display on the University of Pittsburgh web site as (where ~username is the first part of a person's university email account).

The following CSSD web page, Creating Your Own Web Site, describes in detail the steps needed to create a personal web page.

If you need further assistance, please contact the University Help Desk at 412-624-4357 (or x4-HELP).

LRDC personnel lists

How do I have my name added to the electronic lobby display on the first floor? ›

Contact information for faculty and senior-level staff can be displayed. To request that your name be added, please submit a help ticket to LRDC Computing Services.

How do I have my email address added to the LRDC Exchange Mailing List? ›

Please submit a help ticket to LRDC Computing Services.