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Last Name First Name Current Institution LRDC Title Program Term End  
Adlof Suzanne University of South Carolina LRDC PostDoc Fellow Cognitive Psychology 2011  
Alfieri Louis Robomatter, Inc. LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2014  
Almasi Janice University of Kentucky LRDC PostDoc Fellow 1995  
Angeli Charoula University of Cyprus LRDC International PostDoc Fellow 2001  
Apedoe Xornam University of San Francisco, Learning & Instruction, School of Education LRDC International PostDoc Fellow 2008  
Asterhan Christa Hebrew University of Jerusalem LRDC International PostDoc Fellow 2010  
Baikadi Alok Pearson LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2016  
Bass Kristin Rockman Research & Evaluation LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2004  
Bassok Miriam University of Washington LRDC PostDoc Fellow 1992  
Baxter Hedi University of Wisconsin, Madison LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2004  
Baxter Jill University of Oregon LRDC PostDoc Fellow Cognitive Psychology 1987  
Baydin Atilim National University of Ireland Maynooth LRDC International PostDoc Fellow 2012  
Ben-Eliyahu Adar MacArthur Foundation LRDC International PostDoc Fellow 2012  
Ben-Yehudah Gal Open University, Israel LRDC International PostDoc Fellow 2009  
Bernacki Matthew Univeristy of North Carolina, Chapel Hill LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2013  
Bernstein Lawrence (Larry) Northeastern University, Office of Institutional Research and Data Administration LRDC PostDoc Fellow 1990  
Boder Andre Union of European Football Association (UEFA) LRDC PostDoc Fellow Cognitive Psychology 1982  
Booth James Northwestern University LRDC PostDoc Fellow 1997  
Brown Catherine Indiana University LRDC PostDoc Fellow 1992  
Butera Fabrizio University of Lausanne LRDC International PostDoc Fellow 2002  
Cao Fan Michigan State University LRDC International PostDoc Fellow 2011  
Cavalli-Sforza Violetta Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco LRDC International PostDoc Fellow Computer Science 1988  
Chang Alicia Google LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2010  
Chen Gaowei University of Hong Kong LRDC International PostDoc Fellow 2013  
Connelly John W Carnegie Learning, Inc. LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2008  
Cox Charles The Pennsylvania State University LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2012  
Crowell Amanda Eskolta School Research LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2013  
Curtis Mary Beth System for Adult Basic Education Support LRDC PostDoc Fellow 1982  
de Bettencourt Laurie Johns Hopkins University LRDC PostDoc Fellow School of Education 1985  
de Jong Nel Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam LRDC International PostDoc Fellow 2007  
Demmans Epp Carrie University of Alberta LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2017  
Doppelt Yaron National Israel Ministry of Education, Sakhnin College LRDC International PostDoc Fellow 2005  
Ellefson Michelle University of Cambridge LRDC International PostDoc Fellow 2007  
Fay Anne Winchester Thurston School LRDC PostDoc Fellow Cognitive Psychology 1994  
Fazio Lisa Vanderbilt University LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2014  
Feltovich Paul Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, University of West Florida, Pensacola LRDC PostDoc Fellow 1982  
Fender Michael California State University, Long Beach LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2003  
Foltz Peter University of Colorado Sr RA, adjunct New Mexico LRDC PostDoc Fellow 1995  
Fraser David Chatham University LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2009  
Frishkoff Gwen Georgia State University LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2007  
Golinkoff Roberta University of Delaware LRDC PostDoc Fellow 1974  
Gregg Madeleine University of Alabama LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2003  
Guan Connie Qun University of Science & Technology LRDC International PostDoc Fellow 2010  
Halderman Laura Educational Testing Service (ETS) LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2011  
Hausmann Robert G. M. Carnegie Learning LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2010  
Heller Joan Heller Research Associates LRDC PostDoc Fellow 1981  
Hirshorn Elizabeth SUNY New Paltz LRDC PostDoc Fellow 2017  
Huber Brad College of Charleston LRDC PostDoc Fellow 1987  
Jeong Heisawn Hallym University in South Korea LRDC International PostDoc Fellow 2000  
Joram Elana University of Northern Iowa LRDC PostDoc Fellow 1992  
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Details found: 122
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