Research Internship Faculty Mentors

Kevin Binning

Kevin Binning »

Department: Psychology

Topic area: How social psychological interventions can be used to promote equity in higher education

Julie Fiez

Julie Fiez »

Department: Psychology

Topic area: How brain damage to stroke causes problems with math and language

Scott Fraundorf

Scott Fraundorf »

Department: Psychology

Topic area: How people choose study strategies and how they can study more effectively

Alan Lesgold

Alan Lesgold »

Department: LRDC and UCTL

Topic area: Further work on automated understanding and digesting of open-ended student comments on their courses.

Diana Leyva

Diana Leyva »

Department: Psychology

Topic area: How families influence children's language, literacy, math, and self-regulation skills in low-income and ethnically diverse communities.

Melissa Libertus

Melissa Libertus »

Department: Psychology

Topic area: How young children learn math and how parents facilitate such learning at home

Walter Schneider

Walter Schneider »

Department: Psychology

Topic area: Fasciculus Axonal Connective Tissue (FACT) Mapping of the optic nerve and major human brain tracts based on MRI and Micro CT.

Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal

Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal »

Department: Psychology

Topic area: How children learn math skills in early childhood? How does income volatility relate to problem behaviors in youth?

Erin Walker

Erin Walker »

Department: Computer Science

Topic area: How to create technology-enhanced learning experiences. The lab has a particular focus on social learning (e.g., youth working in groups) and culturally-responsive designs.