Staff Retiree Email Accounts

Through the collaborative efforts of the Computing Services and Systems Development, the Staff Association Council, and the Office of Human Resources, the University is excited to announce new guidelines regarding e-mail accounts for retiring University staff employees.

These guidelines will be implemented for retiring University staff employees, who have obtained department approval, beginning June 1, 2017. Staff retirees may continue to have access to their e-mail accounts, however additional measures will be enacted to ensure the security of the system.

  • An out of office message will need to be placed on the account for six months after the effective date of retirement.
  • E-mail accounts are only optional for those eligible retirees in good standing (most recent job performance appraisal meets or exceeds expectations). Pitt will not extend accounts to past retirees.
  • Any email correspondence that is important to either the supervisor or project will be archived and accessible by the current supervisor.
  • Retirees that require technical support will use CSSD Help Desk, not their retiring Department. Eligible retirees are regular, full-time staff employees that must fulfill one of the following criteria:
    1. If the staff employee's recognized start date is prior to July 1, 2004, they must be age 62 years or older on their last day of work.
    2. If the staff employee's recognized start date is on or after July 1, 2004, they must be a minimum age of 62 years on their last day of work, with age plus service (including the recognized start date) equal to or greater than 85 points.

Eligible retirees must request a continuance of their e-mail account with their department administrator at the time they submit their resignation. Staff retirees that do not use their University e-mail account within one year will have their account disabled. Each responsibility center is accountable for implementation. The administrator must e-mail with the employee's request to continue their e-mail address. The following information must be included in the e-mail employee's full name, employee's department, employee's retirement date, employee's university of pittsburgh e-mail address being requested after retirement, and departmental approval.

The University is pleased to add e-mail account access to the numerous benefits offered to our retiree population. Learn more about retiree benefits by visiting: If you have any questions regarding retiree e-mail account guidelines or other retiree benefits, please contact the Benefits Department in the Office of Human Resources at 412-624-8160 or