Research Study: “Teaching Writing and Argumentation with AI-supported Diagramming & Peer Review.”


Legal Analysis and Writing—Part II: Spring

Prof. Ann Sinsheimer



1. Information re study; Waiver to Release Educational Records and Permission to Obtain Specified Data:


2. Alvarez Outline Assignment:


3. Instructions for Logging into LASAD:


4. Introduction to Argument Diagramming with the LASAD System


5. Exercises


LASAD Password

Username: Pitt username, e.g., JQP11

Password: Full name (as per Registrar’s records) spelled out with initial caps, e.g., John-Q-Public

URL for Logging into LASAD:


URL for Installing Mozilla FireFox as browser:‐US/firefox/fx/




·      Collin Lynch (

·      Mohammad Falakmasir (

·      Prof. Kevin Ashley (


Mohammad F. and Prof. Ashley are available to provide technical support for law school students. To pose questions or set up an appointment, students should contact them by email at the above e-address.


URL for Uploading Assignments


Instructions for Printing LASAD Argument Diagrams