Conference Theme:
Cognitive Science

As in previous years, the conference will showcase high quality empirical, theoretical, and analytic work that contributes to the advancement of cognitive science. Theory plays an important role in all research; however, nothing pushes theory so well (and in such interdisciplinary directions) as applied research problems. In keeping with this theme, the conference will also include presentations that emphasize the interplay between theory-based research and problems that originate in an applied domain (e.g., education, medicine, engineering, human-computer interaction, transportation safety).

Conference Chairs
Christian D. Schunn
University of Pittsburgh


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Post-Conference Download Details

We have a complete copy of the Proceedings available online. There are two ways of accessing this.

1. As one large pdf file + one small file for the table of contents and index. The two of these are functionally equilvalent to the printed proceedings and the CD version of the proceedings.

2. As prior to the conference, via the Program Schedule or the Poster listing (see below for Program Schedule, etc)

Program Schedule | Posters
(includes links to downloadable pdf files of all tutorials, talks, symposium, plenary presentations and all poster abstracts and special sections)

Rumelhart Prize
(sponsored by the Robert J. Glushko & Pamela Samuelson Foundation)