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Nora Presson

Visiting Scholar, Dr. Schneider

Research Interests

Neuroimaging, traumatic brain injury, second language acquisition, learning sciences

Presson, N., Krishnaswamy, D., Wagener, L., Bird, W., Jarbo, K., Pathak, S., Puccio, A. M., Borasso, A., Benso, S., Okonkwo, D. O., & Schneider, W. (2015). Quantifying white matter structural integrity with high-definition fiber tracking in traumatic brain injury. Military Medicine, 180(3S), 122-134. 

Ortega-Llebaria, M., Nemogá, M., & Presson, N. (2015). Long-term experience with a tonal language shapes the perception of intonation in English words: How Chinese–English bilinguals perceive “Rose?” vs. “Rose.” Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 1-17.

Presson, N., Beers, S. R., Morrow, L., Wagener, L. M., Bird, W. A., Eman, G. V., . . . Schneider, W.  (2015). An exploratory analysis linking neuropsychological testing to quantification of tractography using High Definition Fiber Tracking (HDFT) in military TBI.  Behavior. http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11682-015-9386-4

Chmura, J., Presson, N., Benso, S., Puccio, A. M., Fissel, K., Hachey, R., Braun, E., Okonkwo, D. O., & Schneider, W. (2015). A high-definition fiber tracking HDFT-brain report for patients with traumatic brain injury and their doctors. Military Medicine, 180(3S), 122-134.

Shin, S. S., Pathak, S., Presson, N., Bird, W., Wagener, L., Schneider, W., & Okonkwo, D. O. (2014). Detection of White Matter Injury in Concussion Using High-Definition Fiber Tractography? Niranjan A, Lunsford LD (eds): Concussion. Prog Neurol Surg. Basel, Karger, 28, 1–8.

Presson, N., MacWhinney, B., & Tokowicz, N. (2014). Learning grammatical gender: The use of rules by novice learners. Applied Psycholinguistics, 35, 709-737.