[Person photo]

Evelyn Milburn

Graduate Student, Dr. Warren

Department of Psychology

Cognitive Program

Faculty Advisor: Tessa Warren

Millburn, E., Warren, T., Dickey, M. W. (2016). World knowledge affects prediction as quickly as selectional restrictions: evidence from the visual world paradigm. Language, Cognition, and Neuroscience, 31(4), 536-548.

Dickey, M. W., Warren, T., Milburn, E. A., Hayes, R. A., & Lei, C-M. (2015). Verb-based anticipatory processing in aphasia. Frontiers in Psychology.

Warren, T., Millburn, E., Patson, N. D., & Dickey, M. W. (2015). Comprehending the impossible: What role do selectional restriction violations play? Language, Cognition and Neuroscience, 30(8), 932-939.