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Margaret McKeown

Clinical Professor, Department of Instruction and Learning, University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Senior Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center

Research Interests

  • The acquisition of vocabulary in school-age children, its relation to general verbal functioning, and instructional strategies for enhancing verbal functioning through vocabulary development.
  • The effects of learner and text characteristics on learning in verbal domains.
  • Instructional design and teacher professional development based on principles of cognitive theory and research.

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Vocabulary Assessment to Support Instruction: Building Rich Word-learning Experiences is now available from Guilford Press

July 2017


LRDC Senior Scientist and Clinical Professor, Instruction and Learning, School of Education, Margaret McKeown, received the Creative Thought Matters Award of Distinction from her alma mater, Skidmore College.

June 19, 2017


An IES grant has been awarded for the project Returning to Our Roots: Development of a Morphology Intervention to Bolster Academic Vocabulary Knowledge for Adolescent English Learners (PI: Amy Crosson; Co-PI: Moddy McKeown, Isabel Beck)

July 2015


An IES grant has been awarded for the project For Argument’s Sake: Applying Questioning the Author Techniques to Support Comprehension and Composition of Written Argument (PI: Amy Crosson; Co-PI’s: Moddy McKeown, Lindsay Matsumura, Rip Correnti)

July 2015


LRDC Senior Scientist Moddy McKeown, along with Amy Crosson and colleagues from ETS (Paul Deane and Rene Lawless) and UC Santa Cruz (Judith Scott), was selected to receive an AERA Conference Award. The title is: A Collaborative Conference to Expand and Reimagine the Nature of Vocabulary Assessment. The conference will be held October 17 - 19, 2014, at ETS.


Moddy McKeown and NAEP vocabulary development featured

December 26, 2012

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

IRA selected Margaret McKeown and Isabel Beck's paper "Rethinking Comprehension Instruction: Comparing Strategies and Content Instructional Approaches," for their cross-journal virtual issue on comprehension. The editors chose articles based on interest and potential impact on both literacy scholarship and practice, their article was one of three chosen.

July 2012

International Reading Association

Two Pitt Professors Named 2010 Fellows of the American Educational Research Association

March 22, 2010

American Educational Research Association (AERA)



American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Member, International Reading Association

May 2008

Reading Hall of Fame

Pitt Innovator Award


University of Pittsburgh

National Academy of Education Spencer Fellowship


International Reading Association Outstanding Dissertation Award