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John Levine

Professor, University of Pittsburgh Department of Psychology

Senior Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center

Research Interests

  • Small group processes -- team performance, newcomer innovation, reaction to deviance
  • Learning in social contexts
  • Social support in online groups

Levine, J. M. (in press). Member differentiation and group tasks: More than meets the eye. [Commentary on “Are groups more or less than the sum of their members? The moderating role of individual identification," by R. F. Baumeister, S. E. Ainsworth, & K. D.]. Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

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Senior Scientist John Levine, Professor in Psychology and Senior Scientist, has been awarded the Honorary Doctorate from the University of Lausanne.

June 20, 2016

John Levine named co-recipient of the 2011 Joseph E. McGrath Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Study of Groups

July 2011

INGRoup (The Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research)


Honorary Professor of Psychology

2006 -

University of Kent