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Sudhir Pathak

Research Associate, Schneider Lab

Presson, N., Krishnaswamy, D., Wagener, L., Bird, W., Jarbo, K., Pathak, S., Puccio, A. M., Borasso, A., Benso, S., Okonkwo, D. O., & Schneider, W. (2015). Quantifying white matter structural integrity with high-definition fiber tracking in traumatic brain injury. Military Medicine, 180(3S), 122-134. 

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Fernandez-Miranda, J. C., Pathak, S., Engh, J. A., Jarbo, K., Verstynen, T., Yeh, F., Mintz, A., Boada, F, E., Schneider W., & Friedlander, R. (2012). High-Definition Fiber Tractography of the Human Brain: Neuroanatomical Validation and Neurosurgical Applications. Journal of Neurosurgery EPUB ahead of print.

Shinn, S., Verstynen, T., Pathak, S., Jarbo, K., Hricik, A., Maserati, M., Beers, S., Puccio, A., Okonkwo, D.,& Schneider, W. (2012). High Definition Fiber Tracking for Assessment of Neurologic Deficit in a Case of Traumatic Brain Injury: Finding, Visualizing, and Interpreting Small Sites of TBI Damage. Journal of Neurosurgery 116 (5), 1062-1069.