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Dana Miller-Cotto

Research Associate, University Center for Teaching and Learn

Booth, J. L., McGinn, K. M., Barbieri, C., Begolli, K., Chang, B., Miller-Cotto, D., Young, L. K., & Davenport, J. L. (2017). Evidence for cognitive science principles that impact learning in mathematics. In D. C. Geary & D. Berch, (Eds.), Mathematical cognition and learning: Vol. 3.

Byrnes, J. P., & Miller-Cotto, D. (2016). The growth of mathematics and reading skills in segregated and diverse schools: An opportunity-propensity analysis of a national database. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 46, 34-51.

Miller-Cotto, D., & Byrnes, J. P. (2016). Ethnic/racial identity and academic achievement: A meta-analytic review. Developmental Review, 41, 51-70. ?