Charles A. Perfetti

Director and Senior Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center
Distinguished University Professor of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh
Co-Director, Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center

3939 Ohara St
Office 833
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

PhD, University of Michigan
Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

My central research interest is in the cognitive science of language and reading processes, including lower and higher level processes and the nature of reading ability. My approach involves research in a cognitive (behavioral) lab, ERPs, and collaborative research in neuroimaging (fMRI), and, recently, MEG. The general goal is to achieve a richer view of language processes by the combination of methods. Current projects include the following:

Recent Publications

Chang, L. Y., Xu, Y., Perfetti, C. A., Zhang, J., & Chen, H. C. (in press). Supporting orthographic learning at the beginning stage of learning to read Chinese as a second language. International Journal of Disability Development and Education.  

Wang, M., Liu, T. & Perfetti, C. A. (in press). The roles of character properties in early learning to read Chinese as a second language. In N. Jiang (Ed.), Advances in Chinese as a second language. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.  

Xu, Y., Chang, L. Y. & Perfetti. C. A. (in press). The effect of radical-based grouping in character learning in Chinese as a foreign language. Modern Language Journal.  

Bhide, A., Gadgil, S., Zelinsky, C., & Perfetti, C. (2014). Does reading in an alphasyllabary affect phonemic awareness? Inherent schwa effects in Marathi-English bilinguals. Writing Systems Research, 6(1), 73-93.  

Harris, L. N., Perfetti, C. A., & Rickles, B. B. (2014). Error-related negativities during spelling judgments expose orthographic knowledge. Neuropsychologia, 54, 112-128.   View

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