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Pittsburgh Brain Activity Interpretation Competition
Inferring Experience Based Cognition from fMRI

Awards presented at the
Organization for Human Brain Mapping Conference
on June 15, 2006 in Florence, Italy

Challenge Competition Pictures
OHBM 2006 PBAIC Poster
2006 Competition Results

  • News and Updates

    Latest news and updates concerning the competition will be posted on the News and Updates page. Last updated: 09/13/06

  • Competition Overview

    Modern advances in brain imaging provide the foundation for interpreting relationships between fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) brain activation signal and subjective human experience.  The purpose of this competition is to challenge multiple groups to use state-of-the-art techniques to infer subjective experience from a rigorously collected set of fMRI. Continued.

  • Registration

    Groups from all nations and disciplines are encouraged to participate. Contestants must register to enter the Pittsburgh Brain Activity Interpretation Competition. Registration for the 2006 PBAIC is closed. If you would still like to access the data, please register online.

  • Competition Materials

    Access to the competition guidebook, as well as webcasts, pdfs, and other 2006 competition documents are available here.

  • Message Board

    General questions about the competition, competition data sets, etc. may be directed to the competition message board. The message board is world readable, but you must be registered to post.

  • Download Data

    Registered participants may download data from the download page.

  • Submit Results

    Submission for the 2006 PBAIC is now closed. Registered users may still submit your results for automatic scoring. This page is provide to allow you to continue to refine your methods. You may submit once every 7 days. Details for submitting results.

  • Contact Information

    Contact the Experience Based Cognition group.

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