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How One Program is Closing the College Persistence Gap . . .

Melissa Libertus and her son

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Assistant professor of psychology Melissa Libertus has always loved math — and she's working to help others love it, too.

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IWALS 2018, 6th International Workshop on Advanced Learning Sciences. Perspectives on the Learner: Cognition, Brain, and Education

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CUE Visiting Scholars Series

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm, CUE Commons, 4303 Posvar

Maisha Moses, Executive Director, Young People's Project, will present "Organizing Math Literacy From the Bottom Up: Math Literacy For All Alliance and The Young People's Project."



Spring 2018 Department of Psychology Colloquium Series

3:00 pm, 4127 Sennott Square, Martin Colloquium Room

Tim Rogers, University of Wisconsin-Madison, will present "Connecting Natural and Artificial Neural Networks in Functional Brain Imaging."



Linguistics Department Spring 2018 Colloquium Series

3:00 PM, 332 Cathedral of Learning

Scott Kiesling will present.

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New Publications

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